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Tam has profoundly changed my life. For 5 years I struggled in nearly every aspect of my life. I hated my job, I never had enough money for my bills and to do something nice for myself, I had more than $50K in debt, my credit was bad, my health was a constant challenge, and to top it off dating was a disappointment. Needless to say I struggled with depression, and my spirituality. One day a friend mentioned to me about Tam and what she does. I decided to take a leap of faith and make the financial investment in myself. It was the best investment I have ever made. I worked with Tam for a year and since then my life is unrecognizably greater than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I started noticing and experiencing results within the first month of starting the program. I started a business and grew its success so that I never have to work a job again. This directly impacted my finances as my business success led to financial freedom. Naturally feeling like, or I should say becoming a new me, had to biggest impact on my spirituality and mental wellness, which improved my physial health and wellness. Yes, it was a financial investment. Yes, it was a time commitment. Yes, some days were hard. But, my results, my new life, speaks for itself that the AlphaMYND Intelligence Program is worth the investment because you are worth the investment.


I have always been a perfectionist. Needing to do everything right, be liked, and seek approval led me down a path of anxiety, but I did not know at the time that this was why. Going throught the AlpaMYND Intelligence Program was a major decision, and it became my best decision. I was able to identify what was going on in my subconscious mind and the experiences that formed it. Throughout the program I noticed a positive shift in how I was starting think, how I felt, how I made decisions, and ultimately my diminishing need for perfection and approval. As a result of this program, I earned a promotion at my job and my social life improved as I now participate in my friendships and romanticships in a healthy way all while letting go of my old mind. This has been well worth the investment, and I recommend it for everyone. 


As a professional athlete, the mental aspect of the game is essential to master for peak performance. AlphaMYND Intelligence has been the greatest athletic mental training approach and tool I have ever used. Given the number of mental skills trainers, coaches, sport psychologists, and counselors aimed at helping to improve mental skills and athletic performance, it was incredible to discover AlphMYND Intelligence and experience scientifically measurable improvements in my mental game and performance. I was able to track my performance metrics with detailed illustrated digital graphs. My neuro-MYND coach, Tam, was attentive, responsive, and engaged throughout my entire training program. I simply can’t recommend her and AlphaMYND Intelligence enough.