AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC


AlphaMYND Intelligence has been the most profound athletic training tool I have ever used. Given the number of mental skills trainers and coaches, as well as counselors aimed at helping to improve mental health, mental skills, and athletic performance, it was awesome to discover AlphMYND Intelligence and experience scientifically measurable improvements in my mental game and performance. I was able to track my performance metrics with detailed illustrated digital graphs. Tam, my neuro-coach, was attentive, responsive, and engaged throughout my entire training process. I simply can’t recommend her enough.

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I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for many years. As a result, I often felt like I was not in control of myself and I was letting my myself and my team down.


Since using the neurofeedback brain training program with AMI, I have been able to take back control of myself, improve my athletic performance, and feel more a part of my team.


As an athlete, I have always been a perfectionist. Whenever I didn't have a good game I would beat myself up about it. Not realizing it, but my need to perform perfectly was causing me anxiety and stress. Enrolling in the AlpaMYND Intelligence Program was a major game changer for me. It made a huge difference in what I was thinking, how I was thinking, how I felt, and ultimately my athletic performance. As a result of the program, I now think clearer, feel calmer, and I’m emotionally in control during challenging practices and difficult games. This has been well worth the investment and I recommend it to anyone experiencing anxiety and stress. My neuro-trainer, Tam, is amazing. She is very insightful and knowledgeable about the brain and MYND as she taught me that the two are not the same, but they work together.


The AMI Program is life changing. It has greatly reduced my anxiety levels by a noticeable amount. I feel more patient, calm, and focused when my adrenaline is high in game and stressful situtaions.