AlphaMYND Intelligence (AMI) is a neuroscience sports psychology agency with a concentration in men's and women's basketball. We specialize in teaching athletes how to achieve a self-controlled ALPHA state of MYND at will through our Bluetooth enable portable brainwave frequency training program. Click here to learn why we target the alpha brainwave.


More than 40% of elite athletes are challenged with anxiety related issues such as intense anxiety, stress, compulsive and impulsive behaviors, panic attacks, substance abuse, emotional dysregulation, physical aggression, and sleep disturbances. This greater than 40% far outweighs the percentage of the general population challenged by these anxiety related problems. For athletes this creates a circular problem in their training and competitive performance as underperformance invites stress, anxiety, anger, and doubt and those MYND-behavior pressures further strain athletic performance.


All too commonly, the response to these issues is taking medication or self-medicating. Both come with physical and mental side effects therefore resulting in another circular problem by creating new MYND-behavior issues such as depression, aggressive behavior, or substance dependency or substance abuse in order to sustain “perceived” self-regulation. So why take something for one problem if it is only going to cause more, and sometimes worse, problems? This does not make sense.


AMI offers a medication-free and Bluetooth enabled portable training program that specializes in transforming MYND-behavior problems into MYND-performance intelligence using our neurotech brain training system, also known as neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a form of mental training, not a medication, and therefore is non-invasive and has no negative side effects. Our AlphaMYND headband and software interface monitors brainwaves using EEG, and the athlete receives feedback instantly based on the EEG readings (feedback). Like every form of exercise, neurofeedback requires regular training. In our training program we focus on the alpha brainwave activity. The goal is to increase alpha brain activity while decreasing the overactivity of beta brainwaves while ensuring a consist balance between the activity of the other brainwaves. Click here to learn why we target the alpha brainwave. Our athletes begin to notice improvements just after 8-10 sessions (1 month). The complete training program is 48 sessions with sessions with 6 sessions per week ranging from 15-30 miuntes per session. Our athletes experienced lasting improvements in their athletic and MYND performance and their self-regulation ability that last for years or longer without needing to get or refill a prescription and without going through the negative cycle of interventions, treatments, and problematic side effects. Click here to learn more about the AlphaMYND Intelligence (AMI) Program.