MYND over Mind
Training & Coaching

The Process

Our MYND over Mind Coaching is unprecedented. CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHY. We recommend that you work with your MYND over Mind coach for a minimum of 6 months, but a year will give you maximum results. First, because you will be dealing with sensitive issues and topics, building a trusting and meaningful relationship with your neuro MYND coach is essential. Second, changing how your Mind works to reach an AlphaMYND Intelligence state does NOT happen overnight. This requires a long-term commitment with consistency in training and coaching to achieve your desired results.

  • STEP 1: Identify hidden truths of your subconscious mind

    • (spirituality & psychology coaching process)

  • STEP 2: Accept those truths

    • (spirituality & psychology coaching process)

  • STEP 3: PRE-Mind brain map imaging

    • (science & technology)

  • STEP 4: Evaluate how your Mind is directly affecting your choices, behavior, and overall quality of life

    • (spirituality & psychology coaching process + science & technology)

  • STEP 5: Daily in neurofeedback training sessions to retrain your brain wave patterns and activity

    • This is done independently in the comfort and privacy of your home at anytime day or night

    • (science & technology)​

  • STEP 6: Reformulate thought patterns to redefine destructive beliefs and replace sabotaging behaviors

    • (spirituality & psychology coaching process)

  • STEP 7: Weekly neurofeedback progress monitoring to measure progress and make training adjustments as needed

    • (science & technology)

  • STEP 8: Real-world implementation of STEP 6 in your daily life (continually reinforced throughout the program)

    • (spirituality & psychology coaching process)

  • STEP 9: POST-MYND brain map imaging

    • (science & technology)


All of our neuro MYND coaches are hand-selected, vetted, and rigorously trained in the skills, techniques, and methodologies to achieve the full gamut of success in the AlphaMYND Intelligence program. Our coaches become that friend that everyone needs. You know; that friend that will push you and challenge you to exceed your greatest potential. This means that you should expect your coach to:

  • Be totally honest with integrity at all times

  • Hold you accountable as well as be accountable themselves

  • Support you every step of the way

  • Challenge you (even when it’s uncomfortable for you)

  • Do everything with respect, care, and love