Tam Taylor


Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Psychology

Master of Science (MS)

  • Human Behavior

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Educational Psychology (NOT school psychology)

Bachelor of Science (BS)

  • Business

  • International Studies


A Few Things About Me

I am a forward-thinking interdisciplinary…

  • Psychologist (MYND-Behavior Researcher & Scienctist)

  • Life Coach

  • Educator

  • Speaker

  • Author

  • Publisher


Realizing that traditional health and wellness practices was far limiting, I spent more than 12 years creating the teachings and practices of AlphaMYND Intelligence by studying, practicing, and integrating the fields of…

  • Psychology

  • Behaviorism

  • Neuroscience

  • Holistic Medicines

  • Alternative Wellness Practices

  • Mysticism

  • Ancient Wisdom

  • Technology

It all started out as me trying to figure out my way to happiness, health, wealth in the material, physical, mental, and spiritual forms. It was clear to me very early on that achieving any one of those things without the other was not at a quality, happy, or fulfilling life to live. Many people are taught from childhood about what “success, wealth, and health” is and “how” to achieve it. However, the traditional approaches in education, medicine, work, and love, I quickly learned, did not work for me as the results yielded…

  • 15-year career I did not believe in and felt trapped in

  • Health challenges

  • Surmounting debt from my extensive education, medical bills, and entrepreneurial investments

  • Personal traumas

  • Unfulfilled personal relationships

“There must be something I’m missing,” I would say to myself. But, what was it? I knew I had the power to materialize the life I wanted to live, but I did not know how or where to begin. Discovering that traditional paths were not going to be my solution, I had to figure out something else. There began my 12+ years in the MYND over Mind journey which became my blueprint for AlphaMYND Intelligence, unbeknownst to me at the time.

Don’t worry, going through the MYND over Mind journey and achieving AlphaMYND Intelligence won’t take you 12+ years like it did me. I have done all the trial and errors, research and studying, and investing time and money (debt) for you. As a result of my journey, I have acquired the knowledge and application gleaned from the collective of…

  • Formal education

  • Professional experiences

  • Personal experiences

  • Secret teachings of ancient wisdom and spirituality


I can now teach you this life-changing phenomenon in just 6-12 months.