Spirituality / Metaphysical Philosophy
Behavioral Psychology

Spirituality / Metaphysical Philosophy (MYND)


Spirituality and metaphysical philosophy is the connection of our innermost selves with a higher source outside of our physical selves, known to AlphaMYND Intelligence as the MYND with a "Y". It can be defined as a belief in a transcendent power or intelligence, which may include God, gods, goddesses, spirits, angelic or energetic elements, and other existences. When it comes to this sensitive topic AlphaMYND Intelligence understands and respects that spirituality and metaphysical philosophy means different things to different people for different reasons. For some, this takes a religious perspective. But, for many others, this is NOT religion. You decide what it means for you.



Behavioral Psychology (mind)


Psychology is a science that studies the human mind, cognitive processes, and behavior. In this field the goal is to understand:

  • How our brains work

  • How we process and apply information, knowledge, and learn skills

  • How and why we think the way we do both collectively and individually

  • How and why our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are formed and influenced

  • How our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence our decision making and behavior

  • How we understand the world around us, make sense of it, and interact (behave) in it

Understanding and applying what we learn from psychology allows us find better ways to solve problems and prevent problems from happening.​​


Connecting the Two


The word psychology comes from the Greek word ‘psyche’ which means ‘soul or mind’. This builds a connection between psychology, spirituality, and metaphysical philosophy. Both psychology (the mind) and spirituality/metaphysical philosophy (the MYND) are forms of intelligences. They exist simultaneously within the human genetic code, and together they show us and help us undertstand how we see ourselves and the world we live in, and how we interact in the world around us as well as the world outside of us. Psychological intelligence (the mind) is built on the scientific design and physical and mental functionality of the brain. Spiritual/metaphysical philosophical intelligence (the MYND) delves into another layer of the human psyche that includes the spirit, soul, and/or a person's higher self. Both are mutually inclusive and influence each other, therefore in order to really help people we have to address the whole person through both psychology and spirituality/metaphysical philosophy.


AlphaMYND Intelligence Training Approach


In bridging behavioral psychology, spirituality, and metaphysical philosophy together, it is important that you understand that the AlphaMYND Intelligence approach is NOT:

  • No psychological evaluations

  • No mental health counseling

  • No mental health diagnosing

  • No medical or psychiatric treatments

  • No pharmaceuticals

  • No religious studies


Instead, our neuro MYND training model integrates the following:

  • MYND over Mind Coaching (1-on-1 live virtual meetings)

  • Meditation & Self-Hypnosis Training (various types depending on your goal)

  • Neurofeedback Training Sessions (at home)

  • Education