The Path of Direct Revelation

What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual (NOT religious) practice known on earth dating back to the Paleolithic Age, also known as the Old Stone Age. It continues to survive and thrive in present-day all over the world in many different cultures in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, and Oceania. The fact that it has maintained its presence and practice throughout such an extensive history speaks volumes to its power and great influence in people's lives. Shamanism is the practice of going into altered states of consciousness to receive information and knowledge directly from higher sources of consciousness through a conscious sub/unconscious connection we refer to as shamanic journeying. The direct revelation gained from shamanic journeying tells the shaman what and how to help, assist, heal, and guide people in varying areas of their lives. The more powerful a shaman is he/she is able to receive and recognize these direct revelations in their waking state rather than just through journeying.

What is a Shaman?


The word “shaman” has multiple meanings ranging from he/she who sees in the dark, he/she who knows, or healer. We shamans are powerful creators and manifesters. We use our connection with nature and unseen dimensions to access and discover hidden knowledge and apply the knowledge to present situations. Real and genuine shamans are not self-made, but rather we endure extremely intense and specific challenges throughout our lives initiated by higher sources of consciousness. One of the most specific of the challenges we go through is surviving being struck by lightning. This is known from ancient civilizations as the ultimate sign that a person is being initiated into shamanism. We usually do not immediately recognize these challenges as the shamanic initiation process until we have reached a pivotal point in our lives of soul death and rebirth in which we awaken to shamanism. As shamans we embody more than one or two spiritual / extrasensory gifts. Some even embody all the spiritual / extrasensory gifts. Our reach within these gifts varies from shaman to shaman.

Spiritual / Extrasensory Gifts

  • Knowing unknown or hidden information or knowledge (claircognizance)

  • Clear seeing or visions (clairvoyance)

  • Clear hearing of inaudible sounds, words, or music (clairaudience)

  • Clear feeling or empath (clairsentience)

  • Divination

  • Mediumship

  • Spiritual channeling

  • Healing


We use these to help people in a multitude of ways that include helping people:

  • Achieve success in business, career, and education

  • Achieve personal success in family dynamics and other relationships (romantic or friends)

  • Maximize their potential and performance

  • Become better leaders

  • Become better people

  • Find direction, purpose, and meaning their lives

  • Take back their health (mental, emotional, or physical)

  • Overcome trauma

  • Retrieve lost parts of themselves in order to take back their power and gifts

  • Awaken their spirit

When people can have peace and fulfillment in these areas of their lives they then discover relief, inner peace confidence, gratitude, and success. And the role of shamans is to help people achieve this life for themselves. There is no one shaman in any part of the world who practices shamanism the same way, so people's experiences with working with shamans will vary. Just like when people are searching for a doctor, therapist, or life coach not all practitioners do the same thing or connect with their clients in the same way. Therefore, a person has to find the one that he/she resonates with.