Shamanic Healing

Getting To The Roots of

Health & Wellness



Shaman Tam addresses every condition (mental or physical) at its root. While modern medicine has its place and benefits, it aims to only treat symptoms and negates the assessment of the whole person. Shaman Tam uses a homeopathic / naturopathic medicine and coaches lifestyle changes to support the health, wellness, and healing of the physical body and the mental mind.


First, she conducts an intake session with you to learn more about you in every aspect of your life and your health challenges and goals. With direct revelation from higher sources of consciousness Tam gains knowledge and insight to identify the root cause of your health problem and get instructions on what specific homeopathic / naturopathic formula of ingredients, recipes, and lifestyle changes are needed to address your specific problem. If the problem is spiritual in nature, she will address it from a power loss angle (click here for Power Retrieval).


Because lifestyle changes are often needed, it’s recommended that you continue working with Tam in MYND-over-Mind Shamanic Coaching. This is not a requirement, but rather something to consider to ensure long lasting and permanent desired results.


Understand, that shamanic healing is NOT a magic wand. You don't just simply take some homeopathic / naturopathic prescription or complete a shamanic or reiki session and walk out healed. While that's is often how it's depicted on YouTube, social media, and television, that is NOT how it works as that is NOT real. Consistency and lifestyle changes are often a requirement for long lasting and permanent desired results to manifest. Also, every shaman practices different techniques, styles, and approaches in his/her healing work. There is no "one size fits all" in shamanism.


  • Set aside at least 90 uninterrupted minutes for a shamanic healing session

  • Recording sessions (audio and video) is NOT allowed

  • Shamanic healing sessions are conducted virtually using a non-recorded video call

  • Therapy, life coaching, and/or lifestyle changes are recommended as follow up work to ensure your desired results