Every Reason To Unravel, But...

The path to becoming a shaman was hard and painful. But once initiated, it is powerful and beautiful. Before I became a shaman, my life was consumed by extreme and seemingly never-ending challenges, devastating personal traumas, sacrificial health battles, and multiple near-death experiences, one of which involved surviving a lightning strike. This was my shamanic initiation process that began while I was still in my mother's womb and continued for more than 35 years until I learned that I was being initiated into shamanism and I chose to pursue the shamanic path.

On the outside looking in my life seemed great and privileged. But the real details in my story of who I am and how I came to be Shaman Tam are quite the opposite from the perception I learned to give people while I was living in survival mode. During the mist of all my challenges of being initiated I helped many people throughout my life, but I did not realize my shamanic gifts or my true potential during that time. It just all seemed to flow naturally. So, when I became a shaman everything all made sense. The day I realized and chose the path to become Shaman Tam, everything started swiftly shifting and opening up for me to share my gifts with a world that was waiting for me to wake up.


The powerful teachings, practices, wisdom, knowledge, gifts, skills, and spirituality that came with my shamanic initiation and awakening process became the foundation for AlphaMYND Intelligence and my teachings of the MYND-over-Mind Shamanic Journey. In fact, unaware to me during the time, for 15 years everything I acquired as an educator (specifically a special educator) and built as an entrepreneur was leading me to and was the blueprint for my creation of AlphaMYND Intelligence and my MYND-over-Mind Shamanic Journey practices and teachings.

As I take you through your own life-changing MYND-over-Mind Shamanic Journey you will find what you did not know you were looking for and get answers to questions that you did not know you were really asking. Begin your journey today by exploring more about what AlphaMYND Intelligence is and how the MYND-over-Mind Shamanic Journey will take you to higher consciousness.

My Practice & Teachings Incorporate...​

  • Shamanism

  • Divination

  • Metaphysics

  • Spirituality

  • Ancient Wisdom

  • Ancestory

  • Psychology

  • Mental Health

  • Neuroscience

  • Quantum Physics

  • Brainwave Training Technology

  • Homeopathic / Naturopathic Health & Wellness

My Education

  • PhD Psychology

    • (I'm NOT a licensed therapist)

  • MS Human Behavior / Counseling

  • MS Educational Psychology

  • BS Business / International Studies