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Real time brain wave activity from an AMI training session

AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC

Neurofeedback (brain health training at home)

Neurofeedback is a type of brain health biofeedback technology (similar to that of a smartwatch) that measures the activity and patterns of a person's brain waves. It is also used to as tool in brain training techniques that help people learn how to take control of their:

  • Thoughts

  • Emotions

  • Impulses

  • Behaviors

  • Sleep Quality

  • Overall Performance (sports, work, school)


How the measuring works is that it starts with an EEG device (in our case a simple soft headband) that measures the activity of a person’s brain waves and sends the real-time data back to the person through his/her mobile phone, tablet, or computer to interpret his/her state of mind and/or higher consciousness. This feedback helps people learn how their own brains work and can help them change their thoughts and/or modify their behavioral patterns that are contributing to their problems. So, just like the biofeedback people get from their smartwatches telling them about their body's health and performance, neurofeedback tells people about their brain health and its performance. The results give people a better understanding about themselves and gives them insight about training techniques that can be practiced to improve their brain's performance and mental wellness.

How the training works is our EEG biofeedback headband connects to our app-based neuro training software via Bluetooth. Once a person is logged into his/her AlphaMYND Intelligence account they will have access to a library of digital games, videos, music, and meditations to choose from for their training mode. From there it is 100% mental, and their brain does all the work. If he/she selects a digital game then their brain activity, governed by their thoughts and emotions, is in complete control of their game's avatar. From how fast their avatar moves to what direct their avatar moves in. If a video, music, or meditation is selected then the person's brain activity manipulates the picture and/or sound quality of the training mode on their phone or tablet screen and audio device. This is referred to as visual and auditory feedback. There are no buttons or tabs available for the person to use his/her hands to override the neuro training session, except for the option to exit a training session. The results of the person's brain activity and mental performance are immediately accessible after a training session and are depicted on charts, graphs, and video images. As the person continues with his/her training, they will be able to compare their progress from each session and visually see how they are improving how their mind works. Eventually, as the person progresses through his/her training, the goal is for them to be able to have complete control and power of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors WITHOUT the use of neurofeedback training but instead on-demand of their own will. So, essentially, our AlphaMYND Intelligence neuro training is just like training wheels on a bike. Through practice, repetition, and muscle memory a person will eventually be able to remove the training wheels and be empowered with the independence and freedom of being able to take their mind anywhere they WANT to go

What does this really look like? Visualize yourself sitting on your couch at home with your cell phone or tablet playing a game, watching YouTube, or listening to Spotify. On your head, you're wearing the AlphaMYND Intelligence headband that looks and feels just like a soft sweatband you might wear during workouts. The headband is equipped with Bluetooth enabled neurofeedback technology designed to read the electrical signals naturally produced by the activity of your brain waves (i.e. your thoughts and emotions) and communicate that data with the corresponding AlphaMYND Intelligence app-based software you would have already installed on your cell phone or tablet for you and your AlphaMYND Neuro Coach to review and assess your performance and strategize training routines to help you make continual progress towards your goals.

How It Is Designed

Safe - Trusted - Certified


The neuro training headband has 7 calibrated EEG brain sensors that detects and measures the activity of your brain.

  • 2 on the forehead

  • 2 behind the ears,

  • 3 reference sensors










PRE & POST Imaging


As part of your AlphaMYND neuro training you will receive a PRE-Mind and POST-MYND imaging so that you can compare your progress and visually see how your mental state is improving and becoming stronger.

Our neuro training headband does NOT use electrical stimulation such as electrical shocks. Instead, it used EEG technology designed to simply read the electrical signals naturally produced by the activity of your brain waves (i.e. your thoughts and emotions) and give you accurate, real-time data on what’s happening in your brain. This type of tech is used for more than a century by doctors and researchers to study the brain.


Our neuro training headband connects to your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Once connected, simply log into your AlphaMYND Intelligence account and put in your earbuds. Once your session is complete, you will able review your results and track your progress with easy to read charts, graphs, and video images.