Past Life Analysis

Are you curious about who you were in a past life? Are you experiencing challenges or limitations that seem to have no explanation? Sometimes unresolved issues, traumas, or lessons not learned from our past lives present themselves in our present life. A past life analysis is much life a soul/power retrieval and shamanic divination except with a focus and intention to discover and connect the dots of a person’s past life, or past lives, to his/her present life so they can address the root cause of their present-day problem and do the work that is necessary for him/her to achieve peace, fulfillment, and success this lifetime. 


  • Set aside at least 90 uninterrupted minutes for a past life analysis session

  • Recording sessions (audio and video) is NOT allowed

  • Past life analysis can be performed in-person or virtually using a non-recorded video call

  • Therapy, life coaching, and/or lifestyle changes are recommended as follow up work to ensure your desired results