Shamanic Journey

Are one or more of the following blocking you from performing at your peak?

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Not producing results

  • Stuck in a cycle

  • Obstacles, setbacks, or stagnation

  • Discontentment

  • Not knowing or understanding your gifts

  • Finding or deciding who you are

  • Finding personal meaning / purpose

If this is you, and you are not achieving the results you want when you want or you are experiencing an extended setback, then stepping outside the box of conventional thinking is the solution to getting to and consistently performing at your peak.

Many people have limiting thinking and distorted beliefs when it comes to themselves and what they have the potential of creating and being. Or they lack insight and knowledge about who they are and who they are connected to long before them. This lack of knowledge and distorted thoughts and beliefs are ingrained into people from an early age whether through their environment, experiences, or both. Though often not intentionally done to harm or sabotage a person's future, that is exactly what happens when people are not taught or not shown how to think and operate in their higher consciousness intelligence. The difference between highly successful and fulfilled people who are able to sustain their success and feelings of fulfillment and the average person is the MYND. The MYND (with a "Y") is different than the Mind (with an "i"). Learning, understanding, applying, mastering, and harnessing the power of MYND-over-Mind intelligence is how you exceed your own limitations and those placed on you without your awareness.

Mind = Sub/UnConscious

The Mind, with an “i”, is referred to as your sub/unconscious mind. It can be thought of as your automatic command center that codes and runs the programs that drive your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that then drive the actions carried out in your body and behaviors displayed by you to the outer world. In this mind state (with an "i") you are not yet consciously aware the "whys" influencing these programs within you thus causing you to feel, think, and act in counterproductive ways to your higher self. This untapped part of your brain is the control center of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and physical reactions in your body. This is directly connected to the things you struggle with (as previously listed). AlphaMYND Intelligence's goal is to teach you how to transcend this mind state into your higher conscious MYND state.

MYND = Higher Consciousness

The MYND, in all caps and with a “Y”, is when the limiting thoughts, distorted beliefs, lack of awareness, and muted extra senses and intution in your sub/unconscious mind are revealed, reprogrammed, and then reassigned into your higher consciousness. This is the AlphaMYND replacing the mind (MYND over Mind). In the AlphaMYND state you create new and improved alpha brain wave flow that we refer to as AlphaMYND intelligence. Click here to learn about the alpha brainwave flow. With our Performance Consciousness Intelligence & Coaching and neurofeedback (brain wave) training you learn how to access the AlphaMYND state and operate daily in this intelligence for your peak performance.

How it all works is there are 3 components bridged together:

  1. Neurofeedback (brain wave) Training

  2. Shamanism + Psychology

  3. Performance Consciousness & Intelligence Coaching

Learn how each component works