Sub/UnConsciousness (mind)


The sub/unconscious mind is the part of the brain that controls the actions taken in the conscious mind. The driving forces of the sub/unconscious mind are distorted thoughts and beliefs that lead to negative emotions that then influences what decisions and behaviors enacted by the conscious mind, as well as the reactions and effects in the physical body. The problem with the  sub/unconscious mind is that it is hidden, and people are unaware of how it's controlling them. And what a person is unaware of they cannot change. It's the same as someone not asking a question they did not know to ask. A problem cannot be changed without knowing there is a problem to begin with. The second problem with the sub/unconscious mind is this control center has 90% power over a person. This powerful part of the mind gets its fuel from a person's experiences and teachings. So, when negative experiences outnumber and/or outweigh the positive ones in a person's life the results are emotional and mental health problems, poor quality performance, self-sabotaging behaviors, lack of confidence, problems with interpersonal relationships, and the list goes on. So, in order to function at one's best and highest self they have to learn how hack, decode, and take control of their sub/unconscious mind.



Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology

Behavioral psychology (behaviorism) is the study of human behavior as shaped by environmental factors. This branch of psychology states that people learn and choose to behave based on their experiences. The outcomes (positive or negative) of their experiences conditions them to do what it takes to recreate desired outcomes in same or similar future situations or avoid undesired outcomes in same or similar situations. This develops into a person's behavioral patterns.


Cognitive psychology studies the mental processes of the human mind and how it develops a person's personality, memory, speech, and their ability to think logically, solve problems, and make decsions, In this field the goal is to understand:

  • How the brains work

  • How people process, analyze, and apply information, knowledge, and learn skills

  • How and why people think the way they do both collectively and individually

  • How and why people's thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are formed and influenced

  • How people's thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence their decision making and behavior

  • How people understand the world around them, make sense of it, and interact (behave) in it


Connecting the Two


People cannot simply be defined by one category of study and, as it has been established, the human mind has 3 dimensions (conscious, subconscious, and unconscious) that exist beyond the physical body, space, and time. To understand oneself and get to the highest version of self (the higher self) in order to achieve the best quality experiences in sports, performance arts, and business it is essential to reveal and unpack people's many layers and then create a different and new mind. This is the beginning of becoming AlphaMYND intelligent. By integrating our approach for peak performance with:

  • Psychology

  • Mental Health

  • Neuroscience

  • Brain Wave Training Technology

  • Quantum Physics

  • Metaphysics

  • Consciousness

  • Alternative Health & Wellness Practices

  • Teachings of Ancient Wisdom


we can reach the hidden root cause of a person's problem. From there we can address and resolve their problem rather than simply masking their problem by only "treating" or sometimes ignoring the visible symptoms.

The goal of AlphaMYND Intelligence is to take what is hidden, reveal what it is, learn about it and from it, reconstruct it and leverage what learn, and make that our new consciousness. In other words, we aim to take the distortions of a person's sub/unconscious mind, reveal, reshape, and redefine them for the person's highest performance, and replace the negative conscious mind with the renewed healthy conscious MYND state (which is the reshaped and redefined sub/unconscious mind). This is what we call "MYND over Mind" and present-MYND channeling. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it's not! It takes an open mind, commitment, discipline, and resilience, but it is possible for anyone with the AlphaMYND Intelligence Program.






AlphaMYND Intelligence Approach


In bridging the sub/unconscious mind with behavioral and cognitive psychology it is important that you understand that the AlphaMYND Intelligence approach DOES NOT provide the following:

  • NO Psychological evaluations

  • NO Mental health counseling

  • NO Mental health diagnosing

  • NO Medical or psychiatric treatments

  • NO Pharmaceuticals

  • NO Religious studies

NOTE: Understand that we are not discouraging mental health counseling. In fact, we encourage it for those who would benefit from it. When signing up for our program, if we determine that you would benefit from counseling we will recommend this to you before participating in our program.