AlphaMYND Intelligist

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NCAA Division-I Women's Basketball

Bachelor of Science Degree


Business Management

International Studies

University of Houston

Master of Science Degrees

Clinical Psychology

Human Behavior Analysis

Mental Health Counseling

Capella University

Tam Taylor

As an AlphaMYND Intelligist, Tam integrates neuroscience, technology, coaching, and meditation practices into her approach of sports psychology. She describes her agency as neuroscience sports psychology. More specifically she teaches athletes how to achieve self-controlled alpha state of MYND at will through alpha brainwave frequency training. In her highly acclaimed AlphaMYND Intelligence Program, AMI, athletes are able to transform MYND-behavior problems into peak athletic MYND-performance intelligence from the comfort and privacy of their homes, offices, schools, or even while traveling. In this program, athletes learn how to control their brainwave activity at will to eliminate anxiety and other anxiety related behaviors that interfere with their game on the court and life off the court.

As a former NCAA Division-I basketball player at the University of Houston, UIL varsity basketball coach of a 6A program, and special educator and behavior specialist for Texas schools, Tam was drawn to the emotional and mental changes and skills enhancement of athletes. In particular, she studied the correlation between mental health, emotional intelligence, human behavior, and neuroscience and the influence these elements have on athletics’ performance, decision making, behaviors on and off the court, and ultimately their overall life experiences. As she grew in her own understanding of self and MYND in conjunction with her formal education, training, and professional and personal experiences, she realized that mental health and talk therapy was NOT the goal or the solution as most people are led to believe. Rather the solution is to increase MYND intelligence. By doing that, mental health and so much more, are achieved as a result. MYND intelligence is the foundation in which everything else builds upon. It is the foundation that holds everything else together, even when your mental health goes through highs and lows.


Tam has earned several degrees from the University of Houston and Capella University in studies of business management and international studies, clinical psychology, human behavior analysis, and mental health counseling. In addition, she complemented her formal education with continued training and practice in neuroscience, meditation, alternative and integrative medicines, holistic nutrition, and technology. Taking everything she learned from her formal education, professional experiences, and personal experiences she founded AlphaMYND Intelligence.