Tam Taylor

Founder & CEO

Mystical Psychologist

Neuro Trainer

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Transforming MYND-Behavior Problems Into Peak MYND-Performance & Intelligence

Considered by many as a forward-thinking interdisciplinary mystical psychologist, Tam has always sought out non-traditional practices for health and wellness beyond the physical. Finding out for herself at an early age that traditional medicines and practices were often not helpful for her and many times simply masked the real problems thus caused her more problems (and money) later. She learned at a young age that the chemistry of health and wellness, physical and beyond, is within us, literally. So, she delved into the study of mysticism, alternative medicines and practices, and the brain, mind, MYND, and body connections in order to become her own practitioner. Notice that she distinguishes the mind from the MYND. The "mind" being the conscious aspect of self and the "MYND" being the subconscious aspect of self. It is important to also mention that she does NOT discount the value that traditional medicine and other traditional health and wellness because they too have their place and serve their purpose when used with discernment and in conjunction with alternative practices.


As an interdisciplinary mystical psychologist, Tam integrates mysticism, metaphysical laws and principles, neuroscience, technology, behavioral science, psychology, physics, and MYND over MIND coaching and training techniques into her highly acclaimed at-home AlphaMYND Intelligence Program (AMI). The benefit of all these elements working together is that people learn to access their optimal MYND power, or peak MYND state. Her techniques focus on the alpha brainwave in relation to the other brainwaves.


Bachelor of Science

Master of Science

Extended Education & Training

  • Business Management

  • International Studies

  • Women's Basketball

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Human Behavior Analysis

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Mysticism & Metaphysics

  • Holistic Healing

  • Nutrition

  • Neuroscience

15 Years Experience

Mystical Psychologist
Neuro Trainer



  • Professional Athletes

  • College Athletes

  • College Students

  • Corporate Executives

  • Other Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Couples

  • Individuals

  • AlphaMYND Intelligence (concept, principles, & practices)

  • Brain-Mind-MYND-Body Connections (concept, principles, & practices)

  • Neurofeedback

  • Mental Health

  • Behavioral Anaylsis

  • Psychology

  • Behavioral Analysis

  • Special Education