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Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC

In schools, AlphaMYND Intelligence neurofeedback training helps students have ADHD / ADHDish, anxiety, and other learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges. It involves a series of training sessions led by an AlphaMYND coach, in which students learn to regulate their own brain activity. During the training sessions, students play computer games, listen to music, watch videos, or engage in other tasks while wearing the AlphaMYND Band which measures their brainwave activity and provides them with immediate visual and/or auditory feedback signaling when they are in sync and in control of their brain's responses. The ultimate goal is to help students learn to self-regulate their own brain activity and improve their cognitive and emotional functioning.

Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC

Pre-Mind & Post-MYND Brain Maps 


To begin, students will receive pre-mind brain map which provides a details baseline of their current brain function. This allows the AlphaMYND team to set each student's neurofeedback training program specifically according to their individualized need. For example, based on the brain map results, we will determine brainwave training frequency for a student which may be different from their classmate. But both students can still train at the same time in the same room. The brain map is conducted using the AlphaMYND Band and software. Once the pre-mind brain map is completed for all the students in a group, or class, then the training begins. At the conclusion of the training program, a post-MYND brain map assessment will be conducted to measure each student's brain performance growth. 



The Training 


When students begin their training program, they are expected to train at least 20-30 minutes individually, in small groups, or as a class at least 3 days each week for the duration of their program. Your assigned AlphaMYND coach will lead the onboarding process to help students and teachers, specialists, and administrators become acclimated to this weekly training routine. In addition to the weekly training sessions, your AlphaMYND coach will work directly with your students in neuro coaching 1 day a week for 30-45 minutes. This coaching can be done virtually or in person for individual students, small groups, or whole classes. During neuro coaching sessions students will be logged into the training software from their cell phones or tablets and wearing their AlphaMYND Band as their coach leads them in specific tasks designed to engage their thoughts, emotional responses, and actions.​

How It Works 

  • The AlphaMYND Band equipped with Bluetooth sensors is positioned on the upper forehead to measure electrical activity in the brain using electroencephalogram (EEG) software.

  • The EEG data is analyzed and processed by our specialized software in real training time and generates feedback in the form of visual or auditory cues.



  • Example #1: While in game training mode in the software when a student synchronizes their brainwave frequency with their specific training frequency programmed by their AlphaMYND coach, the student's game avatar takes the lead. But it can steadily lose its lead if the student's brainwave frequency becomes out of alignment with their specific training frequency.

  • Example #2: While in YouTube video training mode, or with any video and other apps installed on a student's cell phone or tablet, when they synchronize their brainwave frequency with their specific training frequency in the software the video's, or app's, sound and visibility continues without interruption. It's just like watching a movie. But as a student starts to lose control of their brainwave frequency alignment the sound and visibility of the video or app begin to fade making it hard to hear and see it until it is a black screen. When they regain control of their brainwave activity the sound and visibility will gradually return to normal.

  • The real time visual and auditory feedback from the software during a neurofeedback training session indicates whether the student is moving in the right direction. Over time, repeated training sessions teach the student how to more effectively regulate their brainwave activity to achieve the desired results, such as increased alpha waves. It is important to understand that every student's brainwave frequency ratio will be based on their initial individual pre-mind baseline brain map so their targeted goals will be different.



Behind the Scenes


Behind the scenes your AlphaMYND coach has access to view real time and recorded EEG video graphs and charts of the student's brainwave activity as they actively train in real time. This show your coach:

  • WHEN a student is in sync with neuro training protocols for controlling the brainwaves that contribute to their ADHD symptoms.

  • HOW frequently a student is able to synchronize to the ADHD training protocols.

  • HOW long a student is able to maintain a synchronized level of brainwave frequency uninterrupted.



This allows your coach to assess each student's progress and challenges. Your coach applies this insight from the data to plan and structure each week's neuro coaching session. Based on the data from the reports your coach will teach students a variety of techniques and strategies that will help them become more aware of their thoughts and behaviors, as well as teach them strategies to control their emotions and reactions all while having them practice this while wearing their AlphaMYND Band. This gives them a visual metric of how they show up at school and how they either help or hinder themselves. As students are participating in their weekly training sessions outside of the coaching sessions, your coach will be monitoring and analyzing their EEG performance data and generating weekly progress reports for each student and their parents, as well as for the teachers and administrators to review and use in your collaborative planning meetings. It is beneficial to include your coach as needed in your team and staff and planning meetings.

The goal of neurofeedback training is for students to be able to maintain MYND self-control at will anytime WITHOUT the use of the training device and software. It's like taking the training wheels off a bike. As a result, you will see significant improvements in your students' cognitive skills, emotional regulation, and behavior. In data language, this means a growth in academic achievement scores, and a reduction in office discipline referrals, and a decrease in behavioral problems that disrupts class and the overall school climate. And in summation, you will notice prouder, more confident, and happier students and teachers, therefore, helping to improve your school's / district's teacher retention rate.

The AlphaMYND Intelligence Training Program requires your and your teachers' commitment, consistency, genuine effort, follow-through, and accountability in order to have the results you desire for your students and school. This training program has shown promising in schools as an effective intervention for improving academic and behavioral outcomes in students.

Schedule a phone consult with Dr. Tam to determine if this program is the right direction for your students and school.



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  • Number of AlphaMYND coaches required to ensure proper facilitation of the program in your school(s)

  • Equipment quantity

  • Number of neuro training days contracted

  • Number of neuro coaching sessions contracted

  • Number of hours for professional development for teachers, admins, specialists, and central support staff

  • In-person vs virtual options for neuro coaching sessions, professional development sessions, and data meetings.

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