How long is the program?

A total of 10 weeks from start to completion. That is 40 hours of training.

What kind of time comittment do I need for this program?

The training portion of the program is 8 weeks and requires a time commit of training 7 days a week. That includes:

* 6 days of neurofeedback training for 30 minutes per day from anywhere at anytime.
* 1 day of live virtual coaching on Zoom with your cooach for 45-60 minutes at a scheduled time.

How soon can I expect results?

Our athletes begin to notice improvements just after 12-15 sessions when they fully commit themselves to the program following the guidance of their coach and without cutting corners.

What if I need support in between sessions?

Whenever you need additional support in between session, you can use our online scheduler to book a Zoom session with your coach based on his or her availability.

In monitoring your sessions' activity and data charts, your coach may also contact you to schedule a support session to address areas of concerns.

Why the AMI Program instead of traditional sports psychology or counseling?

The key word is "traditional" vs "progressive". Talk therapy models are traditional and are great for getting the ball rolling on problem resolution. However, the real transformation is NOT in the talking but in the doing outside of the talk sessions. Not to mention, many athletes do not like the idea of going to therapy.

But, the AMI program is progessive. Instead of taking a pill or talking with your therapist, you train your brain to be healthier through visual and audio feedback with video games, videos, and music.

Instead of taking a pill or talking with a therapist, you train yourself to be in control of your brain performance to be healthier through a video game? We do not discourage the practices of traditional sports psychology and counseling. They serve their purposes for the right conditions. In fact, we integrate some of the elements of sports psychology into our program.

If you are seeing a therapist, we recommend that you continue your treatment with your practitioner. You can still enroll on the AMI program simultaneously as we work in conjunction with your counseling plan.

What if my AMI headband is damaged?

If your AMI headband is damaged upon arrival, we will send you a shipping label to return it and we will replace it. If we determine that your AMI headband become damaged due to user error or misuse, you will be responsible for the purchase of a new one plus shipping. If you choose to not purchase a replacement and want to discontinue the program, no refund will be provided and your online account will be deactivated.

Is there a payment plan?

We do not offer payment plans. The reason for this is because we believe that when you are "all in" you fully commit to the program and do not delay yourself in getting started.

What is the refund policy?

All enrollment payments are final. We do not provide refunds. The reason for this is because we believe that when you are "all in" you fully commit to the program.

What types of issues do you focus on?

Our program targets anxiety related issues such as general and intense anxiety, perfectionism, stress, compulsive and impulsive behaviors, panic attacks, emotional dysregulation, physical aggression, and sleep disturbances.

What sports do you work with?

We work with all athletes ages 16 and up in any sport.

What is the age requirement to participate in the AMI Program?

Most of our clients our college and professional athletes. However, we do work with athletes as young as 16 years of age.

What level of sports do you work with?

* Professional Leagues
* Minor Leagues
* Olympic Athletes * AAU and Other Club Sports (ages 16+) * High School (10th -12th grades) * Retired Professional Athletes

What issues do you NOT work with?

* Addictions * Severe Mental Illness We recommend that if you fit into either of these categories, that you first seek the care of a mental health and/or medical health professional that specialize in these issues prior to enrolling in the AMI Program.

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