Dream Work

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Dreams are one way that the spirit world and our sub/unconscious MYND speaks to us using metaphorical messages and images that are rarely clear. It is important to learn and understand the language of higher sources of consciousness because the messages can be important.


It’s common that people Google search the meaning of their dreams, or they ask a friend for his/her interpretation of it. The problem with this is that Google searches only provide general meanings that may not be at all what your dream was trying to tell you. The problem with asking a friend is that his/her interpretation of your dream is based on their connection to and understanding of higher sources of consciousness, which may (but oftentimes not) helpful or accurate. This is where you find working with shamanic practitioner in dream work and dream interpretation quite informative and beneficial.










Shamanic dream work is different from dream interpretation because it’s done in a shamanic journey much like the power retrieval. During a dream work shamanic journey rather than the purpose being to take back lost personal power, the purpose is to retrieve important information about the dream directly from higher sources of consciousness. Dream interpretation is when the shaman uses divination and direct revelation to decode and make sense of the dream.


If you are stuck trying to figure out the meaning of your dream, or recurring dreams, contact Shaman Tam for more details and to schedule an appointment.


  • Set aside at least 60 uninterrupted minutes for a dream work / interpretation session

  • Recording sessions (audio and video) is NOT allowed

  • Sessions can be performed in-person or virtually using a non-recorded video call

  • Therapy, life coaching, and/or lifestyle changes may be recommended as follow up work to ensure your desired results

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