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Educational / Clinical Psychologist

Brain Performance Coach / Trainer

Learning / Behavior Specialist

Educator / Presenter


(NOT a licensed therapist or LSSP)

(Educational psychologist & school psychologist are NOT the same)

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Clinical Psychology

Master of Science:

Human Behavior / Counseling

Chi Sigma Iota Inductee


Master of Science:

Educational Psychology

Bachelor of Science:

Business / International Studies

Dr. Tam is committed to helping you unlock the hidden powers of your brain and harnessing its full potential so that can achieve your goals and aspirations. By using cutting-edge technologies and research, she unravels the mysteries of the brain and develops new approaches to improve cognitive function, emotional regulation, and overall mental wellness.

Before AlphaMYND Intelligence


For 16 years Dr. Tam was a teacher in the area of special education and a district behavior specialist for both general education and special education. In these roles, she taught and coached many students with disabilities of all ages ranging from those with minor to significant:

  • Psychological, emotional, and behavioral disorders

  • ADHD (which is classified as other health impairment in the education field)

  • Autism

  • Specific learning disabilities

  • ​Intellectual disabilities

  • Dyslexia

  • Speech / language impairments

Dr. Tam has trained and coached teachers, school and district administrators, parents, and business leaders. As well she has piloted mental and emotional wellness programs.

Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC

Making ADHD Connections


During her work in the education field, Dr. Tam studied the correlation between specific learning disabilities, behavior disorders / problems, and ADHD. In her analysis, she realized an overlap of ADHD with learning disabilities and behavior disorders / problems. Up to 30-50% of students with a specific learning disability also had ADHD, and up to 80% of students with a behavior disorder (or behavior problems) also had ADHD. So, what became apparent was that ADHD seemed to be the underlining cause to many of the student problems in schools. In addition to the population of students in special education, there were those students undiagnosed with ADHD (ADHDish) that presented the same or similar issues. Because those students did not qualify for special education services, or had yet to be identified and evaluated for special education services they, did not receive proper or adequate support and resources.


Eventually, children / teens with ADHD become adults with ADHD. In addition, many children and teens with undiagnosed ADHD also become adults with undiagnosed ADHD. And, in all, they go on to struggle and live difficult lives.

Dr. Tam vs Department of Education

On the other hand, when it comes to students with ADHD / ADHDish, they are often disproportionately affected by disciplinary actions in schools due to a lack of adequate resources, staffing, and training to identify and address the needs of students with ADHD. In response to this problem, Dr. Tam partnered with school district leaders as she created an unconventional school training and intervention program, "Rise to Impact Change", designed to...


  •  Train and coach teachers and administrators in the scope of realistic behavior interventions in schools.

  • Provide Supernanny meets Iyanla Vanzant meets Dr. Phil style training events and coaching services for parents and families.

  • Bring mental health supports into schools because many (not all) school counselors and special education counselors are NOT actual mental health counselors or therapists, the system for evaluating students suspected of having a disability is flawed, and school-based mental health services are non-existent, very limited, or substituted by social skills curriculums and behavior management practices.

  • Implement make-sense and out-the-box student interventions designed to teach students personal accountability for their actions and address issues from the root causes.


The results of her program were an average of 70% decrease in student discipline challenges average a 90% drop in major student offenses, and naturally, this led to an improvement in academic achievement and students' mental health.

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Dr. Tam vs Big Pharma

In the medical field medication is often a first-line treatment for ADHD because it can quickly and effectively reduce symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. However, medication is not a cure for ADHD, people can become dependent on it, and it comes with negative side effects. In addition, it does not address all of the challenges that people who have ADHD / ADHDish face, such as difficulties with executive functioning of the brain, relationships, social interactions, and self-esteem.


But what if people could learn to overcome ADHD without pharmaceuticals and other ineffective interventions?


Dr. Tam knows and understands that the brain is exceptionally powerful beyond measure, yet people do not know how to harness its full power and use it to their advantage. Instead, they rely on medical doctors to tell them there is only one solution: to use pharmaceuticals. So, Dr. Tam comprised her education, professional experience, and research and analysis to design the AlphaMYND Intelligence Brain Performance Program.


Her goal is to help people step into their exceptional brain power.

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Author & Publisher


Dr. Tam is the author of "Seasons of Preparation: Understanding the Directions of Life". Attracting audiences nationwide, she expanded her book into a visual teaching model and presented at conferences, organizations, and workshops.


She went on to build her own book publishing company, "Tam Taylor Edu Publishing", focused on helping mental health professionals become published authors teaching about emotional and mental wellness through children's books and school counseling curriculums.

Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
Copyright 2023 AlphaMYND Intelligence LLC
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Dr. Tam was a member of the Women's Basketball team at the University of Houston. During her time as a Lady Cougar, they made university history for the women's basketball program with record-breaking season wins, the conference championship title, and advancement in the NCAA Tournament.

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