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What's Included In Your Program?

  • Choose your program (12-48 week options)

    • 1 training headband (soft band) + carrying case

    • 1 online client portal

  • 1 PRE-Mind imaging assessment

    • Plus follow up session to review results

  • 36-144 hours of neurofeedback training (brain wave training)

    • Minimum 6 training sessions per week at 30 minutes per day

  • 12-48 virtual coaching and shamanic journeying sessions

    • The number of sessions depends on your selected program duration​

    • On-site option available upon request (at your location + additional fee)

  • 1 POST-MYND imaging assessment

    • Plus follow up session to review results

Learn how brain wave training and performance consciousness coaching can help you take the lead in your industry

Athletes & Performing Artists

The difference between average to good athletes and performance artists and elite, high-profile, and legendary athletes and performance artists is the ability to consistently activate one's higher consciousness at will during both training and competitions / performances. The AlphaMYND Intelligence Program (AMI) is far more than mental skills training and finding your flow state. While these things are good and serve a meaningful purpose, it takes more than that to achieve astounding and record-breaking results. The AMI Program will teach you "what" is... train you "how" to...and coach you through channeling your higher consciousness for optimal athletic and artistic performance. This is referred to as channeling yourself into your higher conscious MYND state.

Entrepreneurs & Business / Career Professionals

Whether you're an entrepreneur, business executive, or career professional you want to the best at what you do. In order to become the best, you have to train like the best. This does NOT mean you have to work harder. That is a big part of the problem. Instead, you learn to channel, shift, and create.


"Channel what?" you're asking yourself at this point. Channel your higher consciousness. The AMI Program does not take a religious approach. Instead, it teaches, trains, and coaches you in how to create an awake state (alpha brain wave) of still and quiet flows of focused and revelatory thoughts associated with deep meditation. This means you will learn to activate and apply heightened awareness, receive revelations, and form new and creative thoughts while you're actively working in your results-driven production mode.


What Are The Benefits of This Training & Coaching Program?

  • Anxiety free

  • Confidence

  • Goal achievement

  • Heightened awareness

  • Increased intelligence

  • Know your gifts and how to use them

  • Clarity and understanding

  • Know thyself

  • Personal meaning / purpose

  • Higher consciousness

  • Spiritual connectedness