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What Is Performance Consciousness and Intelligence Coaching?

This coaching is different from coaching practices you are familiar with. Shaman Tam's Performance Consciousness and Intelligence Coaching focuses on teaching and guiding people in how to channel their higher consciousness while working and performing in order to consistently achieve maximum results. Channeling is a word most often associated with being in a trance like state of supernaturalness. But simply put channeling is the process of revealing information, knowledge, and energy that is outside your awareness and not limited by conventionalism, traditionalism, or the physical world. If you are comfortable with the concept of intuition, then learning to channel your high consciousness will share some similarities.

Shaman Tam's Performance Consciousness and Intelligence Coaching is not about any religion or religious practice. It's about creating the AlphaMYND state. This MYND state brings the still and quiet flows of focused thought, awareness, and knowing achieved during deep meditation into the waking/active state. This means that rather than being in a still and quiet position in order to gain control, unlock your sub/unconscious mind, become aware, or hear your intuitive voice, you learn to do this while you're actively engaged in your work through present-MYND channeling.

Let's be honest, many people have difficulty finding quiet time to meditate routinely, struggle with meditating, or it's simply not something they want to do. By learning the present-MYND channeling techniques and skills of Performance Consciousness and Intelligence Coaching you are able to harness the benefits of meditating while being active and apply the insights gained immediately in real time. The biggest component of this coaching is all that that you learn, realize, and is revealed to you. You will be surprised at how your intelligence skyrockets as result of this coaching, and you'll notice it in your performance. The goal of present-MYND channeling is to go beyond your conscious mind, unlock the depths of your sub/unconscious MYND and increase your awareness in order develop and sharpen your sixth sense of intelligence so that you can use this in your work/performance.


Those who are the best in the world at what they do – athletes, signers, musicians, actors/actresses, entrepreneurs, and business and career professionals – have something in common. They have learned to harness the power of their higher consciousness, and they use this power to give their audience and clients the absolute best and top quality results every time. But they don't get to level of power on their own. They rely on 1:1 private coaching to set them apart from the competition.


Partnering with Shaman Tam in Performance Consciousness & Intelligence Coaching, you will, without a doubt, become the competition others are stiving to keep up with. Changing how your present mind works to reach the AlphaMYND state does NOT happen overnight. This requires commitment and consistent participation in the coaching process to achieve your desired results. It's recommended that you work with Tam 1:1 weekly for a minimum of 3 months, but 6-12 months will give you maximum results. During this partnership you can expect Tam to...

  • Be totally honest with integrity at all times

  • Hold you accountable

  • Challenge you (even when it’s uncomfortable for you)

  • Support you every step of the way

  • Do everything with respect and care


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