Why The
Alpha Brainwave


Gamma Wave

  • Genius brain

  • Higher consciousness

  • Hightened perception

  • Cognitive enhancement

  • Hyper concentration

  • Extreme focus

  • Peak awareness

  • Mystical experiences

  • Experienced by monks

  • Entry into subconsciousness


Beta Wave

  • Awake

  • Alert

  • Active thinking

  • High left brain activity

  • High energy

  • Excitement

  • Arousal


Alpha Wave

  • Awake

  • Relaxed

  • Calm

  • Focused

  • Emotional control

  • Awareness

  • Mental wellness

  • Creativity

  • Visualization

  • Meditative state


Theta Wave

  • Drowsy and drifting into sleep

  • Reduced consciousness

  • Intuitive and insightful state

  • High creativity

  • Deep meditative state


Delta Wave

  • Deep sleep

  • Dream state

  • Deep relaxion

  • Body cells repair

  • Mystical experiences

  • Entry into subconsciousness


Why The Alpha Wave & Not The Others?

The goal of AlphaMYND Intelligence is to teach people how to bring the theta, delta, and gamma wave experiences into the alpha wave state. The reason is because in real life you cannot be in a meditative state, sleep, or isolated in quietness all day or all the time. You have work, family, and a social life that all require your attention. But, yet we have found through research and experiences that MYND over Mind transformation begins in the theta state and progresses into the delta and gamma states. Learning how to access those states  while you are in the controlled and awake alpha wave state is a new and unprecedented phenomenon. This allows you to access and channel higher states on-demand without going to sleep, isolation, slient mode, or going into active meditation.